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The manufacturing of the KUKA youBot has been discontinued.

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2016-07-04 13:15:00

RoboCup Championship 2016 - From soccer to industry 4.0

RoboCup 2016 in Leipzig - 35,000 visitors and participant... // read more
2016-01-07 14:22:00

youBot Store now Selling the Entire Product Range of KUKA Research and Educational Robots

You can now buy iiwa and AGILUS at youBot Store.  // read more
2016-01-31 14:16:00

Brand New Forklift Unit for the youBot

Convert your KUKA youBot into a logistic robot! // read more

About KUKA youBot

Mobile manipulation in carry-on format

Made for the inventors of the future: The KUKA youBot robot

It is small, fun, versatile and has been made for the inventors of the future: The KUKA youBot research robot is a powerful, educational robot that has been especially designed for development and education in mobile manipulation, which counts as a key technology for professional service robotics. It consists of an omnidirectional platform, a five degree-of-freedom robot arm and a two-finger gripper.

The KUKA youBot research robot is an open platform that is operated with open source software. It is on its way to become a reference platform for hardware and software development in mobile manipulation.

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Sales News

Best prices for research and education robots

youBot Store now selling the entire product range of KUKA research and educational robots

youBot Store is now selling the entire product range of KUKA research and educational robots including the lightweight robot iiwa and the small industrial robot arm AGILUS.

The LBR iiwa is a seven degrees of freedom arm and the first robot that has torque sensors in every axis supporting safer interactions with humans. The AGILUS comes either with five or six degrees of freedom, has a payload of 10 kg and can reach upto 1100 mm.

Ask here for more information.

Product special

New sensor plate for the KUKA youBot robot

32 different ways to place the manipulator


// read more