16th of Apr. 2014

New ROS package for monocular pose estimat...

The University of Zurich just released their monocular pose... // read more
27th of Feb. 2014

RoboCup@Work teams' software released, qua...

RoboCup@Work is growing with new teams joining the upcoming... // read more
26th of Feb. 2014

youBot at RoCKIn Camp in Rome

RoCKIN Camp 2014 is the second educational workshop in the ... // read more

About KUKA youBot

Mobile manipulation in carry-on format

Made for the inventors of the future: The KUKA youBot

It is small, fun, versatile and has been made for the inventors of the future: The KUKA youBot is a powerful, educational robot that has been especially designed for research and education in mobile manipulation, which counts as a key technology for professional service robotics. It consists of an omnidirectional platform, a five degree-of-freedom robot arm and a two-finger gripper.

The KUKA youBot is an open platform that is operated with open source software. It is on its way to become a reference platform for hardware and software development in mobile manipulation.

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Sales News

Best prices for research and education robots

youBot Store supports young faculties

youBot Store has introduced a special discount of 20% on youBot hardware to support young faculties in their research in mobile manipulation. The discount does not include sensors and accessories and cannot be combined with other discounts.


Browse our products and request a quotation to profit from our discounts.

Product special

Sensor plate for the KUKA youBot

32 different ways to place the manipulator


  • Protects the wheels against collision with walls.
  • 8 places to mount the Hokuyo.
  • With two Hokuyos placed diagonally, you can see almost 360 degrees.
  • 16 ways to place the arm exactly at the edge of the platform for better reachability...
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