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Mounting and sensor plate

Mounting and sensor plate
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Product information "Mounting and sensor plate"

youBot sensor plate

  • The plate is 1cm wider than the youBot and therefore protects the wheels against collision with walls.
  • Easy mounting, without removing the robot cover.
  • 8 places to mount the Hokuyo.
  • With two Hokuyos placed diagonally, you can see almost 360 degrees.
  • 32 different possibilities to place the manipulator, splitted in 4 circles.
  • 16 ways to place the arm exactly at the edge of the platform for better reachability.
  • Can be used with a double arm system.
  • Has openings for the manipulator and sensor cables, as well as the youBot LCD.
  • Dimensions : 600 x 396 mm
  • Thickness : 5mm
  • Weight : 3 kg
  • Material : Aluminium

Attention: No Hokuyo carriers included. Please order separately.