We did not know what to expect. And what we saw was unexpected!

The third of WIRED’s annual summits, WIRED 2013 was located at the Tobacco Docks in London and featured a broad variety of amazing speakers. The lectures that were shared with the audience on 17.-18.10.2013 reached from behavioral studies to technological magic. International pioneering speakers as young as Jack Andraka who invented a fast and cheap diagnostic test for pancreatic cancer, as musically talented as Lang Lang the piano virtuoso or as altruistic as human rights activist Oren Yakobovich, were invited to stimulate debate, spread and fuel new ideas and showcase the future.  

The event was a great opportunity to collect the latest news on research and education, to exchange opinions on future developments and to enable people to physically experience innovation, first hand. In-between lectures, the visitors could experiment with innovative products at „the Test Lab“. youBot Store was on-site and displayed the „laptop of robotics“, the KUKA youBot. The youBot Store team navigated the robot through the lab and let visitors control the mobile manipulator, themselves. WIRED 2013 was a perfect chance to get a feeling of what has already been achieved in technology and research, what is in progress and what possibilities the future might bring.