Best practice in robotics on the reference platform youBot


The fifth BRICS research camp took place from Oct. 29th to Nov. 2nd in Motril, Spain. Under the topic "Mobile Manipulation - All in!" the integration of functionalities into a complete mobile manipulation application was elaborated.  The transition from classical "sense-plan-act" paradigms to continuously integrated control and perception framed the scientific focus of this camp.


Provided with a baseline system that could already solve a simple fetch-and-carry task, the participants worked on different aspects in order to improve the quality of the overall system. While most groups worked with the KUKA youBot, some participants faced the challenge of porting the application to the Care-O-bot 3 platform (and enabling porting back).


In a series of presentations Herman Bruyninckx from KU Leuven presented several of the "best practices" for robot software development that were developed during the BRICS project. While this fifth research camp was the last one in the runtime of BRICS, the consortium is currently investigating how this tradition may continue in the future.