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Echord EduFill project

Echord EduFill project
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Title: Echord EduFill project - Filling the educational gap in robotics

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University: University of Applied Sciences, Bonn-Rhine-Sieg

Abstract: EduFill's goal is to foster the use of advanced (mobile) manipulation techniques in small and mid-size enterprises. Since little attention has been paid to industrial and service applications so far, the focus lies on mobile manipulation techniques in production and home service settings. The project aims at creating an education framework with course modules on both the theory and application of mobile manipulation, including a software toolbox of moduar components for basic robotics functionalities. The toolbox is developed to support hands-on teaching of mobile manipulation at different levels of abstranction and for rapid prototyping of small real-world applications. 


Software: Edufill Software Module

Video: "Filling the Educational Gap in Service Robotics", Exploration & Map Building, Fetch and Carry

Teaching material: Basic course, advanced course

Showcases: Fetch and Carry, Exploration & Map Building