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Joypad Application

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Joypad Application
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The Joypad Application is used to remotely control the KUKA youBot via joypad. You can control the KUKA youBot base as well as the KUKA youBot arm. It uses the SDL (Simple Direct Media Layer) library, so that any joypad can be used, which is detected by the operating system. The configuration of the controller are done by a configuration file. This increases the flexible usability of the joypad controller.



You first need to checkout the source code of this program from SVN and then compile it.
We assume, that you have installed the KUKA youBot API already and you are going to install the application to the "applications" folder in your home directory.
Follow these steps to checkout and compile:

$ cd
$ git clone
$ cd youbot_applications
$ mkdir build
$ cd build
$ cmake ..
$ make

The binaries will be generated in the folder ~/applications/bin.



Before you start the application, you should customize the joypad configuration file. Use the preconfigured file in the config directory and make your own changes.

$ cd ../config
$ gedit youbot-joypad.cfg

For further information about editing the configuration file look into the KUKA youBot User Manual.

To start the application use:

$ cd youbot_applications/bin
$ sudo ./YouBot_JoypadControl