The KUKA youBot is one of the coolest pieces of robotics hardware that has seen the light of the day in the past years. As distributor of the youBot we have to say that, but we are also willing to prove it. Over the next months we will gradually equip the KUKA youBot with so-called mini-tools (millers, drillers, saws, grinders, airbrush guns). Our purpose is to show that the KUKA youBot cannot only be used for what commonly comes to ones mind if we think of mobile manipulation, such as grasping, assembling, fetch and carry. We would like to show that the youBot, on a scaled-down level, can also be used to study and teach hardcore manufacturing task, such as milling, drilling, painting or even for artwork such assculpturing 3D objects.

While we are developing and adapting such tools we are willing to give a certain number of prototypes of these tools away for free to customers. If you are interested, please, contact us.

Also we encourage customers to come up with their own idea for a tool!