The PERCRO perceptual robotics laboratory's focus lies on haptic interfaces and virtual environments. In this context they are working on the integration of robotic manipulators with brain-computer-interfaces. The research aims at supporting severly impaired and locked-up subjects, who have lost the motor control of their bodies. By using BCI systems, the patients can control the assisting robots through mental activity. 

In non-invasive ways, BCIs are used to remote control mobile robots that can reach or grasp generic objects for people that are not able to move. The team applies a motor imagery based processing algorithm, that detects features of the brain waves in the context of imagination of motor tasks. The result is a highly intuitive and natural interface for the patient.

The team members around the youBot are Alessandro Di Fava and Lorenzo Peppoloni.
The Project Leaders are Emanuele Ruffaldi and Carlo Alberto Avizzano.

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