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How to find youBot serial number?

Whenever you want to contact Hotline, please provide also the serial number of your youbot, as found on the sticker below

Serial Number Sticker

There are many ways to find the serial number of your youBot


To locate the sticker with the serial number on the platform, you have to turn the latter upside down. The sticker is in the middle of the bottom side of the platform as shown at the image below.

Serial Number on the Platform


To locate the sticker with the serial number on the arm, look at the black base, as shown at the image below.

Serial Number on the Arm

Original Boxes

To locate the sticker with the serial number on the boxes, look at the up right corner of the box, as shown at the image below.

Serial Number on the Original Boxes

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What hardware comes with the robot?

For detailed information, please visit the configurations on our webpage

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Does the robot need a special environment/floor?

No, the KUKA youBot has been designed for indoor environments and flat surface. You should not use the robot on high / deep carpets and be aware that the robot might leave traces on damageable floor material such as wood or glass.

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Can the KUKA youBot operate outdoors?

The KUKA youBot has not been designed for outdoor operation. There is no protection against moisture or dirt.

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Is the KUKA youBot waterproof?

No, the KUKA youBot is not waterproof.

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What are the safety implications when using the KUKA youBot?

The power of KUKA youBot arm is limited to 80 W. According to ISO 10218:2006 this allows for operating in human-robot collaborative mode without any additional safety measures. Nevertheless, depending on the tool attached it can harm people.

The mobile platform does not come with any safety sensors or bumpers. We advise to perform a risk analysis for your application and to take appropriate safety precautions.

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Do I need power adapters to power youBot?

It depends. The external power supply comes with a German Schuko plug with input Voltage range between 100V and 240V. In some countries you need a special adapter.

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Can I buy the wheels separately?

No. Unfortunately we do not sell the wheels separately.

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Are there additional components for the robot available?

For further information please visit:




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Are there any construction data (CAD) available?

Unfortunately due, to the Copyright reason there are no CAD data available.

However, you can find .blend, .std and .dae files on our page.

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What is the minimum and maximum speed of the base/arm joints?

The minimum/maximum velocity of the base is: min 0.01 m/s max 0.8 m/s

That means for each joint of the base: min 0.2 radian/s max 16 radian/s

The velocities for the arm joints are: min 0.03 radian/s max 1.5 radian/s in positioning mode max 2.5 radian/s in velocity mode with acceleration

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What are the rotation directions of the joints?


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Can I upgrade or exchange the embedded PC?

Any PC board that adheres to the mini ITX form factor should fit into the compartment. Please note that changing the PC will void warranty!

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Is there a FireWire interface?

No, there is no FireWire interface on KUKA youBot.

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Which connections to the PC are possible?

USB, Ethernet, EtherCAT, RS232

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Is there any empty PCI-express slot in the on-board PC of the “KUKA youBot omni directional mobile platform”?

No! Unfortunately there is not empty slot for an PCI-express card.

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Is there a wireless interface integrated?

No, the default configuration of the youBot PC does not have a wireless interface. We recommend to use a wifi usb stick, which is supported by Linux.

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If I run the youbot for a couple of hours and try to restart the power, the PC does not start immediately. I have to wait for a couple of minutes. Is that normal?

Yes. The internal PC gets very warm during usage. To avoid a damage after repowering the system, the PC has to cool down for while. But this only happens, if you completely turn off the power of the youBot and turn it on immediately. If the PC is running, the internal fan can cool the system sufficiently, even if it runs for hours.

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Can the KUKA youBot recharge the batteries autonomously?

No, the external power supply must be connected to the robot manually. After that the batteries will be charged automatically.

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How do I recharge the batteries?

The batteries can be charged inside and outside the platform. The integrated power board has a charge controller to load the battery without removing it. Or outside the youbot using the custom made youBot Battery Charger.

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How do I know, that the battery is charging? When do I have to stop the charging process?

The orange display shows the status and the voltage of the battery. On the top right side of the orange display you can see 4 squares. The two on the left show the status of each battery cell. The youBot battery consists of 2 x 12 Volt cells, so you have one square for each cell.

The charging process starts automatically, if you connect the external power supply and turn on the power board. If the power board is on, the display will glow orange and you will see the squares mentioned above.

If the size of the squares changes continuously, it means that the battery cell is going to be charged. If the square size does not change, the meaning is as follows

  • If the left most square remains small → Battery is not connected
  • If the square remains at its big size → the associated battery cell is fully charged

If the battery is fully charged, the power board will stop charging the battery automatically. So there is no upper time limit.

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How can I increase the lifetime/performance of the battery?

If you want the best performance of the battery cells, we recommend the use of the external custom made youBot Battery Charger. The internal power board is not as strong as an external charger, which secures the performance of a battery for a longer time.

Check also how to properly handle the battery

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Can I remove the external power cable when the battery is connected?

You can plug in / remove the power cord of the external power supply, if the battery is plugged in.

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Which sensors are available?

Please visit: Sensors

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Which sensors are recommended/have special support?

We ensured that the sensors offered on the webpage can be mounted and used on the robot. For questions related to the processing of sensor data we refer to the sensor manufacturers.

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Do I need adapters for the sensors?

For sensors with an external power supply you will need an adapter. For example for the Kinect you have to make your own power supply to connect it to the youBot. You can use a DC/DC converter, which converts 24V to 12V, by connecting it to the power output sockets on the top of the base.

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Can I add own sensors?

Yes, if it is red out by the PC. There must be a connection possible via USB, Ethernet or EtherCAT and suitable drivers existing.

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How can I connect a FireWire sensor to the youBot if there is no FireWire interface?

One solution might be the following. When you need a FireWire sensor, you have to mount a laptop with a FireWire interface on the backplate and control the youBot with this notebook.

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How can I order a youBot?

Visit the Store and check out your desired configuration. Request a quotation. You will always get a quotation first. After that you can place your order, if you agree with our offer. The quote will only be valid for a limited period of time until it expires.

The purchase procedure is as follows:

  • You request for a quote on our webpage
  • You will shortly receive an official quotation from us.
  • Only when you accept the quotation, you place an official purchase order with reference to our quotation.
  • As soon as we have your purchase order it will be put into the KUKA manufacturing queue and you will receive a confirmation of your purchase order.
  • Eventually we will receive a notification from KUKA that the ordered items have been manufactured.
  • We will then get back to you and inform you about the availability of the system, and initiate the shipping resp. payment procedures.

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Are there special discounts?

Please visit our specials.

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Can I place an order, if the validity of the quote has expired?

In that case you have to contact us again.

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How can I pay?

Please visit our Shipping rates and payment site

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How long is the delivery time?

The delivery time is about 6 weeks after the confirmation of order.

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How long is the guarantee for the KUKA youBot?

KUKA gives a default guarantee for its products of one year.

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Can I buy the spare parts separately?

Yes, but you will have to contact KUKA's spare parts department.

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