The recipients of the sponsorship have to meet the following requirements and sign a respective


1. The recipients are affiliated with an educational organization or a non-profit research institution.


2. The recipients commit themselves to participate in a contest in mobile manipulation that obeys the rulebook of the RoboCup@Work contest ( within a time frame of one year or less after cashing this voucher, where the contest can either be


local: The contest takes place within the premises of the recipient.
regional: The contest takes place on a regional level (city, neighboring cities, county).
national: The contest involves participants from an entire country, with semi-finals and finals.
international: The contest is an official RoboCup contest


In any case it is required that the event is publicly announced at least two months ahead of time to the largest audience possible through newspapers, magazines and respective mailing lists. It is further required that at least three different teams from different organizational entities each team consisting of three team members at least participate in the event. 


3. The sponsorship is used exclusively to promote the participation of a team in one of the above-mentioned events, e.g. to cover cost for material, logistics, travel. The sponsorship is not be used to cover any personnel or administrative cost.


4. The recipients’ organization issues a tax-deducible donation receipt to youBot Store GmbH, Augsburg, Germany.     


5. The recipients acknowledge the sponsorship through clearly visible reference “Sponsored by youBot Store GmbH” in the respective PR material (flyers, posters, website, press releases, etc) and also include the youBot Store GmbH Logo at a proper size in this material.


6. The recipients grant the permission that youBot Store publicly mentions the sponsorship in its own PR material (flyers, posters, website, press releases, etc).


7. The recipients provide copies of picture and video material and PR material documenting the participation of the team in the event and grant the permission to published this material and in the youBot Newsletter.


8. The recipients have purchased a KUKA youBot through youBot Store not more then six weeks before this agreement was signed and have not claimed any discounts other than the regular 10% academic discount.


9. The recipients declare in writing on the letterhead of their organization that they are willing to accept and implement the above conditions.


10. The sponsorship will be paid in two installments (checks) of 500 EUR each. The first installment will be made right after these conditions have been accepted by the recipient, the second one will be made right after the recipients and their team have participated in the event and documented the participation as specified in item 7.