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Hello World - youBot API

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Hello World - youBot API
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The hello_world_demo is an example application to show you how to use the KUKA youBot API for writing your own applications. You can use all the sources in this directory as a template. Controlling both, the KUKA youBot base and the youBot manipulator are shown in this example.



You first need to checkout the source code of this program from SVN and then compile it.
We assume, that you have installed the KUKA youBot API already and you are going to install the application to the "applications" folder in your home directory.
Follow these steps to checkout and compile:

$ cd <your target directory>
$ git clone
$ cd youbot_applications/hello_world_demo
$ mkdir build
$ cd build
$ cmake ..
$ make

The binary will be generated in the folder ~/applications/hello_world_demo/bin.



To start the application use:

$ cd bin 
$ sudo ./YouBot_HelloWorldDemo

The program will start, moving the base and the arm. The youBot will move approx. 10cm forwards, then approx. 10cm backwards, then approx. 10cm to the left and approx. 10cm to the right. Afterwards it will ”unfold” the arm and ”fold” it again.

If you want to write your own application, using this sources and folder structure, do not forget to edit the main CMakeLists.txt file, which resides in the hello_world_demo folder.